What are the differences between the available shipping methods

When you get to the checkout page, you will see 3 different options for shipping. One is Free, and the other 2 have a charge. Here are the differences.

Option 1 - Suppliers Ship Separately

If you choose this option you will receive the parcel(s) direct from the seller once you have placed your order. If you are not at home at the time of delivery, the delivery man could leave your package with the guard at the front gate of your compound, at your front door, or even in a self serve locker.

Self Serve Lockers

Delivering packages to self serve lockers is becoming increasing popular. If the courier delivers to a locker in your neighborhood, you will receive an SMS message in Chinese advising you of the location for pickup along with a code to open the locker to pick up your package.

Please contact us via WeChat if you have any difficulties locating your package(s), and we will be more than happy to assist you.

**Note: If you order 10 items or more on Pandaboo.cn, they will probably be coming from at least 6 different sellers, which means you will be receiving 6 separate parcels from 6 different sellers within the next few days. Some may arrive very fast, while others may need more time. The shipping time depends on several factors such as the distance between your location and the seller's location, as well as stock availability, and seller efficiency.

Option 2 - Consolidate Items into One Package, Extra Shipping Fee

If you choose this option, the Pandaboo team will receive all of your ordered items first; then a quality check is done. If any of the items received have an issue such as they are the wrong colour, damaged etc. We will send the items back to the seller on your behalf, and we will make sure you're getting exactly what you have ordered. Pandaboo will then repack all of your item(s) into one complete package and ship it out to you, via SF Express! and your package will be hand delivered to you.

Why Should I Choose Option 2?

The advantage of choosing this method is we can help you avoid 99% of any potential problems that may occur with the seller, and you get the added bonus of receiving one complete package with all of your items instead of receiving multiple packages.

Choosing this method of shipping requires an extra shipping fee for SF Express, and generally takes a bit longer as the Pandaboo team needs to wait for all your item(s) to reach the warehouse.

Once all the items have arrived and quality checks have been completed, your items will then be ready to be repacked, and sent out for shipping.

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